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Renting furnished apartments for spa treatment at La Roche Posay

Looking for relaxation, rent an apartment at la Roche Posay for a spa treatment.

Furnished apartments for tourists

Mrs. Challet : +33623152799

Vue de la pièce à vivre de l'appartement

Our  3-star sunny 6 cottages,  made all in wood, located 10 mins from the town center and from the Saint Roch spas, will seduce you with its spacious room, quality equipments, and fully equipped kitchen.

Furnished apartments

Vue du pont sur la Creuse

La Roche-Posay

Located between la Touraine and le Poitou, at the confluence of the Creuse and the Gartempe, la Roche-Posay is a medieval town whose dungeon is located at 23m above the city.


The city gate (18th century) allowed entry the fortified city.  It has 2 towers and is equipped with  machicolations.

Porte de ville La Roche Posay
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