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Futuroscope, hiking, natural parcs, castles … come discover the region of  la Roche Posay !

Parc du Futuroscope
porte entrée de la ville
commerces la roche posay
vielle ville la roche posay
la roche posay rue pietonne
place la roche posay
patisserie la roche posay
rue de la baignade la roche posay
marché la roche posay
porte principale la roche posay
donjon la roche posay
fontaine la roche posay
pont la roche posay
champs ble la roche posay
therme la roche posay
therme vue large la roche posay
aqueduc la roche posay
fontaine  la roche posay
vente de miel
casino la roche posay

The futuroscope : You have no idea what is waiting for you !

Located 45Km from la Roche-Posay, the Futuroscope Parc will send you deep an awesome and magic atmosphere.  To visit with friend and/or family. A bus is available every summer, departing from the Tourist Office.


The Beauval ZooParc: Located around 80km from  la Roche Posay, Beauval is ranked number 1 of France’s zoos and is among the most beautiful zoological parc of the world with near 6000 animals including 2 sole giant pandas in France.


The village d’Angles sur l’Anglin :  Located only around 10km from la Roche-Posay, the village d’Angles sur l’Anglin offers you a postcard-like landscape, justifying by itself its title of the most beautiful village of France. This small town preserved its medieval characteristics with its river, its old water mill, and its imposing dungeon in ruines of the castle.


The castle of Chenonceau : Located 77km from here,  Chenonceau is one of the most beautiful castles in France because it is entirely furnished.  Do not forget to look at the decoration, especially the furniture.


The Parc naturel regional of the Brenne is only located a couple of kilometers from la Roche Posay.  Country of thousands of lakes, real patchwork of landscapes and numerous paths accessible by walking, horse, bike or car.

The castle of Azay-le- Rideau :  The closest of the castles of the Loire River (70km) built on a island in the middle of the Indre river.  Visit this jewel of the French renaissance.


"The Valley of the Monkeys":  located 100km from la Roche Posay, but the place is worth of the detour, both for adults and children.  Live the unforgettable emotions with the feedings of the monkeys, and meeting the bonobos and the gorillas.

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